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The fact that most clients that come to JTG for house inspections do so as a result of referrals by trusted friends or professional advisors speaks for itself and is something we are very proud of. We have earned and treasure our reputation for providing an exceptional service in this area. What sets us apart is that we invite and actively encourage our clients to attend during the inspection. This has several advantages in that you will have the opportunity to view the house at your leisure in the company of your engineer who will explain in layman’s terms how he will inspect the property – site first, sewers next followed by the outside of the house and then starting in the attic, where he will crawl around insofar as possible to inspect the structure, chimney, insulation, ventilation and party wall construction (if applicable). He will then inspect the house room by room. Vigilance in relation to safety will be of paramount importance. Hazards associated with glass, escape or rescue in the event of fire, trip hazards associated with paving slabs and paths, sight lines at site entrances and safety of balustrades and handrails are just some of the issues that can be expected to be addressed in the report. He will have a moisture meter with him to check for dampness. Everything discussed on site will appear in the report. The report will be easy to read with a minimum of technical jargon. John Garrett will be available to discuss the report either by telephone or in person.
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